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Moonwolfahou's Haven
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Hi All,

Just a little introduction about myself.

Im a little bit crazy.  A little bid cruel.  A little big caring.  A little bit open minded.  A little big curious.  A little bit talkative.  A little bit sceptical.  A little bit sarcastic.  A little bit shy.  A little bit pervy.  A little bit prudy.

A whole lot me.

I dont watch TV (threw it out 6 years ago and never looked back.  The few TV shows that I think are worth watching I can get on DVD anyways)

I live alone.  Which is lonely, but I cant see myself changing it anytime soon since the thought of giving up my 'little haven' of pure me is freakishly terrifying.

Im like history, cats, horses, good movies, poetry, archeology, theology, meology ;0) and music.

I love stories, history, cats, horses, good movies, poetry and music.

Most definately Music.

I really dont like 'the masses' of humanity as a rule.  'Civilization' seems like an unaturally perverted construct to keep the masses 'comfortably silent' about the things that actually matter.
I think necessety is the mother of progress, but that progress for the sake of progressive is a vicious distructive vanity that is distroying this world.
I very much enjoy individuals company.  A Good conversation and any excuse to laugh!  The highlights of every life!  Besides which, individual people are a wealth of history, experience and views in and of themselves.  And I like stories so.... :)

I have a cat named Mouse and one named Ewoky and dont think i will ever get over missing my Nana Edna (RIP, a brilliant wonderfully challenging and savvy woman, with a will of iron, a mind of cunningly hidden steal and a heart as soft as the Marshmallo Man).

Also, I put my darling 17 year old Devil down when I moved last year.  I will never be able to forgive myself, nor will I ever reconcile such a need again.  Food, safety, survival, I have very little qualms about death in such circumstances since its natural.  Mercy killing at the request of the one dying?  maybe, and never without guilt.

Deciding to kill another without their consent?  Thats murder.  'but they cant tell me that they want to die', ah but then they cant tell you that they want to live!  There is pleasure even when life is pain, and most animals will find a place to lay down and die when their time comes.  Dont you think they have the right to decide that? 

My favourites;
TV Shows =
Supernatural, The Pretender, MASH, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Yes Minister
Favi Actors = Jensen Ackles is an amazing man. Michael Rosenbaum made Lex Luther my god!  Johhny Deep IS my god.  :)   Sigorni Weaver, Denzel Washington, Patrick Swazye (may he RIP), Morgan Freeman, Eddie Murphy.............and many many more ;)
Current TV = hmmm looking at Merlin at the moment.  Like the characterisation but its a bit hmmmmm teenagy for my current 'almost 30 and trying to finally grow up' tastes
TV Characters = DEAN WINCHESTER!!! OI OI OI ;)  Bela (damn her for going to hell grrr) Rodney McKay, Ronan Dex, Jack O'Neil, Tealc, Daniel Jackson, Jarod (The Pretender), Prince Arthur Pendragon, Merlin (come on, its Merlin!)  Clinger and every damn doctor on MASH cause they were amazing!!!!
Anime = Ruruni Kenshin, Gundam Wing (some of that was underlying freaky moral stories if you looked)  Yu Yu Hakusho (although the last season were not near the quality of the first two) & Trigun
Current Anime = Kyou Kara Maou (hmmmm I think this is more for the fun)
Anime Characters = Yusuke Urameshi, Wolfram Von Beifield, Vash the Stampede, Saito Hajime (hence the Ahou in my username) Train Heartned, Creed (black cat), Spike (non anime but who cares) Hiei, Kurama and Yoko from 'Bastard' (I liked the Manga not the anime)
Music = MUSE MUSE MUSE!!!, Linkin Park, Seal, Queen, MJ, Shania Twain, ACDC, Touya, Kansas, CREED CREED CREED ;)
Movies = Lord of the rings, Star Wars (ORIGINALS ONLY), Braveheart (Actually anything with Mel Gibson), XXX (ORIGINAL ONLY), Die Hard (Actually pretty much anything with Bruce Willis), Pirates of the Carrabean (and DEFINATELY anything, ABSOLUTLY ANYTHING with the Legendary Mr Johhny Depp)
Books = Any by David Eddings (and only him).  Lord of the Rings.  any by J V Jones (if she'll ever finish her series).  Anything on Archeology and History.  Isobell Carmody's Obernewton Chronicles (If she'll ever finish this series as well).  Lynn Flewelling's The Nightrunner Trilogy.  The Deathgate Cycle. oh and THE NAME OF THE WIND  an amazing first book and so looking forward to the rest.  Major Major REC this peoples!

So enough about me, what about you???!!! 
If you reading this, then I want to know about you, so send me a post or a message and this could be the start of a wonderful.......ah.......mutual aquantenceship with view to Friendship???  Or joint obsessive partnership????

"Take Care, Have Fun and Dont get caught!"

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My friends always say "you are so strong", "its alright for you, your strong", "Easy for you to say, you dont have that problem, your so strong".

Ill be honest here, these are to me the most insulting and frustraiting of comments.


Becuase they dehumanise me.  They put me on a pedastal and they reject me as a 2 dimentional easily identified person.
They make me less that I really am, by saying that I am incapable of all the plethora of weakness's and behaviours that make us all human.

Am I strong?  Well yes I think I am.  But that doesnt stop me being weak as well.  That doesnt mean I am incapable of being soft, or gentle or vulnerable.  That doesnt stop me from NEEDING support, caring, understanding and protection.

I like to think that we are all strong in different ways, just as we are all weak in different ways.  But to say that some's strength negates both their opinion and their ability to sympathise/understand/relate is to diminish that person. 

Am I strong? Not always.  I can be vulnerable, I can have low esteem, be lonely, feel grief, be clumsy, be hurt, be confused.
I can be clutzy, silly, ridiculous, judgemental and frustraited.  I can be tempermental, illogical, moody and lash out.

In other words..... I can be human too.  Being strong is based on acceptance and confidence.  And sometimes I dont have these.  Sometimes what you take as being Strong, is being Weak and trying to hide it. 
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So, ive been rather busy with reality of a sort, and trying to come to grips with some rather soul shifting realisations about myself.  As such, I think im in the right place to step back out that door into life that ive sort of been hiding from.

Ive never really used Livejournal the way its supposed to be used.  I am the orginal lurker, with occasional postings by myself only when the obsessive bug hits me. 

And you thought you were safe :p

Im going to try giving this a shot.  Online life to complement my offline life :)

If anyone is interested in continuing as my friend on livejournal, please comment here.  Since ive been so silent ill give it a week :) just in case peeps dont remember who i am :)

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If you could take an all-expense-paid two-week vacation to anywhere in the world with one friend or partner, where would you go and who would you take?

My father, to Chiang Mai


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Was it the bible? or a movie? or a book?
Maybe some urban legend, or gossipy superstision?
Something, somewhere that is was mentioned the world ends in 2012?

hmmmm.....maybe all of the above actually.  Seems to be some very very widescale fixation on the year 2012.
Which, you know, is next year.  As per our calendar anyways.

Then again, who says our calendar is the right one?  maybe it was the year 2012 in the calendar of some strange otherworldy alien tribal culture that eventually relocated away from their deathly challenging and harsh mountain environment to a more deathly challenging and difficult place.....

Hollywood perhaps?

Or maybe the whole end of the world thing is focused around some other timekeeping ideal where what we call a month is actually a week and one of our years is only a month and a decade becomes a year and.....
hmmm.....we could still be around for a long time you know.

I supose it depends on the origin of the 2012 myth.  And then of course, if it was first mentioned in the bible (sorry havent read it, something about trying to wade through the first few pages of names upon names gives me a headach and im way to symetrically obsessed to be able to 'skip ahead' anywhere) then we need to think about when our current calendar and time measuring was regulated.  If the 'book' in the bible was penned before the regulation of our AD calendar then it would be fairly safe to assume we are offtrack with the timeline.

Maybe not.

How many natural disasters in the last decade?  How little redemption is actually being undertaken by governments, cultures, business.....and yes even every day people? 

Recylcing your soda cans is a little help, but then the world needs a big help, so your really helping much then are you?

What happened to radicalism, forced change, devotion to an ideal, ambition to achieve it.

And why are the only people who seem to have the abilities or drive for the above always money/power hungry 'enterprevures' or religious fanatics?

Do we simple peasents really think a somewhat comfortable life is more important than a future for our race?

Maybe, humanity has just given up anyway.  Maybe we are all so conditioned with little 'comforts' and 'civilisation' that we have forgotten what if feels like to actually HAVE any drive or goal.  History is marked by hundreds of world changing 'leaders' 'revolutionaries' and 'icons'.  And yet, in the last 100 years, when so called Progress is 10 times faster then its ever been, when we are so very 'advanced' I cant seem to see any of them.

So, if a continent power like Rome could collapse quite substantially, and a 'world power' like england become little but a Icon, just how easy is it for a 'international community' to fall?

Maybe we will find out in 2012

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Which book that you've read would make a great movie, and why? Who would you pick to play the main characters?

The Name of the Wind

Kvothe = Michael Rosenbaum
For the very simple reason that Rosenbaum has the amazing abilty/appearance to be both old and young looking at any given time.  Also, I love his mannerisms and the way he moves suits the character of Kvothe very much, dangerous but graceful, confident and unassuming as needed.

The other cast?  No idea.  :) I just dont know that many actors'acressess by name to be able to choose any.
But when I saw this question I thought Rosenbaum = Kvothe!


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If you were given one magic wish to improve the world, for what would you wish?

Relocate all the humans to another planet far far away! ...  WITHOUT space travel capabilities.


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You're on a crashing plane and your partner is fast asleep. Would you wake her/him up to say 'I love you' one last time or let her/him die in her/his sleep?

Ok sorry if this is not the way you guys think, but I would be doing everything to keep myself and my partner alive till the last minute, and as such we would both we awake, aware and focused.
Note 1 = if you are in a plane crash, follow the safety instructions, set yourself and your partner up in oxygen, safety vest and keep an eye out (try to stay concious) to evaculate on landing.
Note 2 = I will admit to some hand holding or hugging in the final moments if unavoidable.  Whether one or both of us are awake/concious/alive.  Words mean jack, try actions first peoples.


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What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

lol go back to sleep :D


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What is the worst insult you've ever received from someone? Were you able to forgive them?

I dont have one.  Some things that are said hurt, it depends on who say's them and what it is, but to be honest I dont care enough about insults after the issue has been resolved to class any as 'worst'.  I am well aware that many things are said when emotional/hurting/angry and words themselves are cheap enough to be easily tossed out, so I pretty much dont give any importance to short term hurt.

I suppose anytime I am accused of something I am innocent of is hard.  I dont hold grudges, either your not worth it & so I ignore it or if you are worth it then I let it go, but I have walked away from a few relationships or friendships or family members becuase of being accused of things I had not done.  I think it is more a insult of being misjudged (i.e. how low do they think of me to believe I could do something like that) etc.


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